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Thermal design software

PHE Manager by Cipriani PHE is designed for professionals who wish to configure every single aspect of their heat exchanger. In just a few clicks you can set your customised unit through an intuitive, versatile and complete configurator.

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Easy-to-read tables to compare the models taking into account thermal capacity, temperatures, flow rates and intended use.

Gasketed Plate
Heat Exchangers

  • > DN32 S020+/S040+/S080+ mini-eng mini-ita
  • > DN50 S070+/S160+/S260+ mini-eng mini-ita
  • > DN65 S110+/S210+/S410+ mini-eng mini-ita
  • > DN80 S270+ mini-eng mini-ita
  • > DN100 S300+/S450+/S700+ mini-eng mini-ita
  • > DN150 S400+/S600+/S900+ mini-eng mini-ita
  • > DN200 S650+/S990+ mini-eng mini-ita

Brazed Plate
Heat Exchangers

  • > Datasheet mini-eng mini-ita

Tools and Accessories

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ISO EN 9001:2015
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PED 2014/68/EU
Pressure Equipment Directive